• Mormo Zine

Yucks! Betther Than Ever.

The Yucks is a long time performing punk band in San Diego. They had been around for a while when I made my documentary Punk Vs Punk in 2006 and they are still performing today. I watched a short set of five new songs that was recorded on Facebook live yesterday (watch here). And they still sound awesome!

Yucks concerts were always rowdy. The cops showed up at one show I was at and I shouted out a request of the song "Career Criminal". Yucks always had the most female groupies and they were a lot of fun and great people. There used to be saying about The  Yucks, "Don't let The Yucks play last" because they would always be too drunk to play if they went on last.

I haven't seen The Yucks play live in many years but have watched live streams and recordings of them and they are still a incredible band. They are party punk and just a lot of fun. I know they've put out at least two real slick CD's. The five new song they played were all real good. Slower and more melodic then the last album I heard, which is a good thing in my opinion. I was having pit flashbacks while I listened to the music lol! If I was in San Diego I would make a music video for them but maybe I can still make an okay music video for them from here.

- Mormo Zine