• Saucey

Tis The Season To Smash Nazis

For me, the holidays have always been a time of reflection: what have I accomplished, how I have royally screwed myself throughout the year, and how can I improve in the years that follow.

Along with personal introspection, the holidays are also a time of gratitude and appreciation. Appreciation for my family, appreciation for my friends and for the incredible support system that helped me make it out of another year happy, healthy and relatively unscathed. But this gratitude does not exclusively extend to those in my immediate orbit but also for the incredibly talented and insightful artists who have had an ongoing impact on me as a writer, musician and most importantly as a human being.

For as long as I can remember, Alice Bag has inspired me with her music, writing, and activism. From the legendary band The Bags that laid the groundwork for so many female-fronted punk bands to take the stage, to her book Pipe Bomb for the Soul, (which is a brutal reminder that no matter how hard I had it coming up, I have never truly known real struggle) to her current solo work that continues to inspire with an energy-level that seems almost supernatural for someone over the age of fifty.

If “Time well spent leads to a life well lived" then Alice Bag has lived an exceptional life of art and music with a political voice that will surely resonate long after we are all dead and gone.

Enter: No Gifts For Nazis...

The first time I listened to Alice Bag's No Gifts For Nazis, two things occurred to me; 1) If there really was a "War on Christmas" this would be it's soundtrack, and 2) So many artists lose a bit of their piss and vinegar over the years and can become somewhat lackluster- but not Alice Bag! Alice has aged like a fine wine that has been turned into a Molotov Cocktail and then thrown into the political consciousness of the next desperate generation.

It's hard to believe that a song, especially a Christmas themed song, running only a minute and fifty-eight seconds, can evoke such feelings of nostalgia, unity and humor all while making me impulsively bob my head and bounce up and down in my chair! But like most things with Alice, No Gifts For Nazis delivers.

To check out Alice Bag's "No Gifts For Nazis" click HERE.