• Saucey

System Restore Just the Band We Need

With lyrical remnants of Anti-Flag, an almost familiar melody that takes me back to my days of listening to "No Use For A Name" while driving around in my 77 Pontiac Can Am and a musical honesty that's hard to find in today's instant Snapchat generation, System Restore is the band America needs right now far more than the band we deserve.

CTL+ALT+DELETE is a song that perfectly showcases the band's integrity along with Billy Ray Whittington's potent vocal style that conveys inner struggle mixed with hopeless optimism that inspires the listener to get off their ass and do something!

Brand new on my radar, admittedly I have only had a chance to check out a few of their songs and one minute and a half live video, but take it from me loyal music fans, System Restore is a group we will be seeing a lot more of in the days ahead.

For more System Restore check out their Facebook page--> HERE