• Mormo Zine

Saints and sirens on the musical horizon

Black Hesher is a rap group from San Diego who just recently got voted best rap group in San Diego by the Reader. Usually I review old friends but this band is actually a new friend! My friend Rowland Bluntz introduced me by sending one of my videos to Van Bates who fronts Black Hesher but also produces a comedy sketch show on US Weed TV. Van loved my videos and put me in the show so the least I can do is review his music and I love it!

The thing that really makes me happy about the album "Saints And Sirens" is there is very little of anything even close to misogynistic lyrics or slurs. When I was young I loved "shock rock" but now I'm old and sensitive about stuff. There's lyrics about drug use and general scumbag behavior but I like that, it doesn't bother me. Lots of lyrics about old TV shows and movies made me feel nostalgic as well as some old school beats and samples.

I listened to this album while surfing the traffic exchange and it struck me that it would be awesome for a party because of the various tempos and styles. Each song is unique which is great for replay ability potential. My favorite song was "Move Forward" which has a great mix of humorous lyrics and an electric guitar riff.

I'd love to see some behind the footage of the band since I miss the San Diego music scene. I'm no rap expert but I really enjoy the album "Saints and Sinners" by Black Hesher! Check it out!

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