• Saucey

New CZARINA Video "BLAZE" is a synth-wave triumph!

After being completely enthralled for a full 8 minutes by the new music mini-film "BLAZE" a work crafted by synth-wave sensation Vero Faye Kitsune aka CZARINA, I couldn't help but contemplate just how much work must have gone into such detailed oriented piece of visual wizardry.

Because of the many artistic components at work here, I actually had to watch BLAZE three times, once when it was sent to me, once with my wife and daughter and again alone in the dark to get the full effect of the film's visual storytelling, before even attempting to write this review.

Beautifully crafted and visually hypnotic BLAZE seems to encompass all the facets of CZARINA'S creative voice that fans have come to marvel at over the years without feeling forced or overly produced.

While the film does an excellent job of seamlessly relating the plot elements to the viewer, perhaps most impressive is how the haunting music of BLAZE works equally as well when showcasing the battle scenes as it's more tender moments of loss and suffering.

In a world often gripped by chaos and uncertainty, it's no small thing to be able to escape through the creative portal of masterful storytelling. But don't just take my word for it.

Click HERE to experience the eight minute musical sojourn of BLAZE.