• Mormo Zine

Need Gore!

"Need Gore" is a dude I met on YouTube as a horrortuber. He does horror movie reviews as well as live horror movie chat streams. My first impression of him is that he was real cool and chill and I felt a little bad for him because he needed to put disclaimers in his video descriptions saying if you make fun of his Afro or say anything racist he will ban you.

I became a big fan and one day one of the horror ladies I supported on Patreon closed up her account which gave me some free money so I decided to invest in Need Gore's career by giving him one dollar a month on Patreon. Need Gore was very grateful and shared with me a few links to the music he creates.

His music is rap and I really enjoy it. I think he is polishing his skills before he starts promoting his music all out. It's not exactly horror rap like Grave Diggaz or something but there is a lot of dark themes in his songs like mental illness and drug abuse. His voice is great and his delivery of lyrics is right on. He raps over like old school R&B beats mostly, which is nice but I personally like more upbeat dance beats myself.

He is prolific and has released many songs, plenty to put out a full album. His tunes are a little raw and could probably benefit from a producer but who can afford that?

I think he has a lot of potential and will do my best to help his career a long. I have connections with some rap websites and maybe could get him featured. Sadly I have no idea how to turn good music into cash so that he will have to figure out for himself. If you want to hear some awesome rap music and support a up and coming artist I suggest you check out Need Gore for sure!! - Shane "Mormo" Vozar

Link to Need Gore's music: https://www.bandlab.com/need_gore