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Mormo Muses: Marko Bruiser Is Music Magic

Marko Bruiser is one of the most dedicated punk rockers I have known. I admire him because he is a proud family man and prolific musician at the same time. I'm not even sure how we crossed paths online but I have enjoyed watching his ups and downs for many years now. He's also been supportive of my efforts as well and helped spread my work on the East Coast.

He's been in several bands but tonight I checked out one of his solo album "From Another Time" on bandcamp. It's really fast exciting music with good heart felt lyrics. I actually stopped listening to American punk radio for a while because of hateful misogynistic lyrics so it was real nice to hear some actual love songs and insecure themes on this release. Technically the music is scratchy and imperfect but often true punk is. Some of the most beloved punk recordings of all time sound amateurish but that is just part of the charm. Maybe one day USA will value individuals over corporations and Marko will be able to remaster some of these tracks. Listening to music like this inspires me in my own art and I have big dreams of one day having the wealth and power to make real movies and bring all of my friends along with me on the soundtrack. If you love punk for sure check out "From Another Time" by Marko Bruiser!

Here's a short interview:

Mormo: We've been FB friends for a while but could you list off your punk rock resume?

Marko: Well... It all started with seeing a music video when I was 10. I got my 1st guitar at 13, and drums at 15/16. I didn't get into my 1st band till 2003/2004 (19/20). Since then these are the bands and dates...

Incriminating evidence 03-04

I do until june 06-07

Fitchburg Punx 08-09

Marko and the Bruisers 08-present



Violent boys 15

Into madness 15-16

And I've been doing solo stuff for about a year now. M.A.T.B. (Marko and the Bruisers) are on a hiatus as of right now.

Mormo: What has your punk rock work taught you?

Marko: Punk rock in a whole has been my life for as long as I can remember. Music in general is everything to me. For as far back as I can remember music has always made my inside feel a way nothing else could. But as far as teaching me anything... I guess everything... Iove never not been this way. As I grew and learned about life, punk rock was there. To me my life is the greatest soundtrack. I can think of a song and remember with vivid detail where I was and what I was doing when I first heard it.

Mormo: What's the future of punk rock?

Marko: The future is now... The digital age has given us an almost infinite amount of music right in our hands. Music in a whole is bigger than ever because of the internet and in some ways I feel it hurts musicians, but at the same time how can you be mad at so many people creating their own art. Its truly a beautiful thing and I'm glad to be a part of it all.

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