• Mormo Zine

Mormo Loves PanNyx

PanNyx is a one man band of my long time online friend Bascom LeMay. It's electrical dark influenced techno mood music. I loved the style since I first heard it and have used it in several of my videos. I have no idea how it is created even tho  I've seen videos of Bascom creating the music live. Many of the PanNyx and previous incarnations music videos use public domain industrial and vintage home movie type videos, often distorted which is a style I personally love.

PanNyx's new album Edge Of The Circle really gets my imagination going. I visualize in my mind like gothic post apocalypse scenes or dystopian future movies and TV shows. The songs are so pro sounding and polished I think they could add a lot to the stale goth art scene. This music should be all over Netflix and Amazon Prime as well as the big screen. I think Bascom is in a similar artistic situation as me where he would probably score a feature film for a carton of smokes and $40 bucks LOL. A career in the arts is possible for anybody these days which is great but finding an audience and paying bills can be super challenging. 

I first met Bascom I believe in a Bizarre Magic forum and followed him to Facebook. We are both Gemini's and very well could be twins except he's skinny. We got similar interests and issues. I live vicariously thru him at times when he had the guts to do stuff I only dreamed about. Consider buying his album and playing it in the background as you thrive in these end times.

Bandcamp: http://pannyx.bandcamp.com/album/edge-of-the-circle

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bascompannyx/