• Odell Norman

half•alive : in Florescence

My new favorite band brings in orchestral delight!!

A few months ago I stumbled across the band “half•alive and their 2019 release Now, Not Yet. I was blown away!!!  The album is so deep musically,  lyrically, and spiritually.  

Needless to say when half•alive  released "in Florescence", a live recorded EP, I was extremely excited, and folks it does not disappoint. 

A project developed and completed pre-quarantine, "in Florescence" brings reworked songs featuring beautiful classical arrangements, accompanied with vibrant visuals, which is in true half-alive fashion. 

 Not to be outdone by the enchanting audio and additional vocals on the album they have also released live videos of their performances, which consists of artists creating beautiful paintings via a glass canvas and interpretive dance.  

You can get the EP on all streaming platforms and the videos including a documentary on the band’s Youtube channel.  Easily my favorite track “Creature” w/ Orchesta is below.

This band has my heart and I hope they take yours as well.

God Bless!!

Odell Norman