• Odell Norman

Finding Indie Bliss in Canada!

After a Facebook post from a friend recommending the Montreal

quartet, I took the time to listen to their most recent album “Dog

Bless”. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed!!

Gulfer’s sound takes me back to the days of Faraquet, Braid, Cursive,

and The Get Up Kids. Additionally, Gulfer’s music and lyrical style

reminds me of the band Plastic Constellations, who I had the honor of

playing with on a couple of occasions.

The thing that stands out about Gulfer is the diversity in their sound,

both instrumentally and vocally. My favorite song on the “Be Father”,

demonstrates this to perfection. The math rock concepts are on full

display in this song, combine that with the intense/melodic split of

vocals from Vincent Ford and David Mitchell, and you will know that

this song is teetering on the edge of a musical avalanche.

Other songs that I truly enjoy are “Fading”, “Secret Stuff”, and

“Babyshoe”. I highly recommend this album, and if you don’t like

it….Blame Canada. ;-)

To check out the official video for "Fading" by Gulfer click HERE

Written By: Odell Norman (Musical Osmosis Co-host) and Resident Landlord of everything awesome!!!!