• Odell Norman

Deftones take bits and pieces of their past to make the hard-hitting OHMS!!

We can all agree that 2020 has been a little crazy. Personally, a silver

lining in all of this has been the music released this year by some of my

all-time favorite groups such as HUM, Public Enemy and now the


Deftones’ ninth studio album Ohms is a beautiful combination of heavy

guitar rifts by the one and only Stephen Carpenter, the rhythmic and

dynamic drumming of Abe Cunningham, Sergio Vega on bass, Frank

Delgado (aka Mr. Everything) on synth and keys, and the melodic yet

intense lyrics of Chino Moreno. The Deftones are one of a few bands

that can do this, but on this album, they have done this with ease.

Songs like Genesis, Ceremony, The Spell of Mathematics, and my

personal favorite Urantia all display the musical tug-of-war between

loud and quiet, which makes the Deftones a truly special band.

This band continuously tests boundaries with every album they

produce. If you’re a fan of music this is one album that should be in

your catalog.

Deftones – Genesis (Official Music Video)