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Dee digs Set It off!

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

From the Desk Of Dee TheProducer

OK, so Set It Off may look like your regular Pop/Punk band, but they've got a nifty twist that I am just obsessed with! They're like all the music I listened to as a teenager- but more evolved. They definitely have a Boy Band vibe (don't act like you don't know exactly what that is) along with a ton of Pop-y upbeat singable lyrics and a little bit of super emotional storytelling dark stuff.

The first song I really noticed from Set It Off was actually from their 2014 Album, Duality. The song is "Wolf In Sheep's Clothing" which sounded both a little dark, a little Tim Burton-esque, and super catchy- so much so that I couldn't help but sing along in the car (Daily. Like, in my top 5 rotation for months).

Of course I had to go down the rabbit hole of that album, and I found "Why Worry" which has some of my favorite lyrics of the moment (especially during Covid!):

"Why do we insist on crossing bridges that do not exist.

Let's take these issues step by step by step to work it out.

Day by day by day we're falling down- But Life Goes On." Um, reminder much? YES- Seriously I listen to this song whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed or know I'm stressing about something that I can't do anything about. (So all the time). So go check out Set It Off or just watch the video of "Why Worry" below- especially if you're feeling a little nostalgic, a little restless, a little sad, a little impatient, or you just need to blow off some steam :) Love and Bass Boost,

Dee The Producer