• Saucey

CZARINA: Neon Nostalgia Meets Technomancy Future.

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Today's release of CZARINA's haunting remake of the classic Led Zeppelin rock anthem "Immigrant Song" evokes a special memory for me. A memory that was a true musical milestone of my misbegotten youth which firmly cemented my trajectory down a path of being a life long lover of all things metal and punk. Flashback to my freshman year in high school, the year I discovered hard rock and heavy metal. Prior to that I was a Huey Lewis, Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston whatever else was on pop radio kind of guy, so my sojourn into harder music, a music by the way that was very frowned upon by my conservative parents, made me the newbie on the block among my now much hipper and much cooler high school friends. And so the story goes... I remember vividly the first time I heard Led Zeppelin, me and my best friend Dan Lumpkin were standing outside of McKeespot High waiting for some friends and here comes Peggy Rowe with her little pink boombox blaring Led Zepplin and the song emanating from those trashy Radio Shack speakers- you guessed it- Immigration song. So after a solid hour of badgering my friend Dan to tell me everything he knew about these perception altering dream weavers that just stole my adolescent heart- I was firmly in the Led Zeppelin camp, much in the same way Pat Sheehan playing Strong Reaction by Pegboy changed my life so dramatically, so did Peggy Rowe's magic little boom box on the crisp autumn day way back in 1986. The above tale hasn't entered into my head for least 10 years, there is something to be said for an artist that can bring back such powerful memories and connect so profoundly on a human level their work makes you feel like you are reliving such a pinnacle moment of one's youth all over again. But this is what CZARINA's music is so adept at doing, causing the listener to be engulfed by a sense of nostalgia for one's revered past while simultaneously inspiring wonder about their unwritten future. CZARINA has become masterful at existing on the edge of a Synth Rock Katana balancing beautifully between the slow paced neon infused past and a forward facing cyberpunk future. And CZARINA'S The Valkyrie (Immigrant Song) is yet another prime example of that audio-visually creative skill set. Make no mistake- when I lean back, close my eyes and allow myself to be whisked away by this space/time bending musical monolith I am overcome with visions of my high school homecoming dance along with thoughts of myself as an old man living in a robot dominated dark dystopian landscape of endless technomancy wonders. A nice three minute reprieve from our current chaotic and most uncertain reality we are all finding ourselves living in. And that my friends is the true purpose of music.

Experience CZARINA'S New Single below.