• Mormo Zine

Bunnula TV Review

Bunnula TV is an awesome YouTube channel that features a very creative music interview show as well as original music videos. I believe I first found it on Twitter via follow back. It's a raunchy all doll channel. There are mass produced dolls, cloth dolls that have marker drawings on them and paper dolls with scratchy caricatures of the musicians. On the music show there's a little (usually dirty) skit with the Bunnula cast then they introduce the guest. Bunnula, a vampire bunny asks the questions which are mostly pretty funny with some serious questions mixed in. There is a live performance on a stage and you get to hear the guests music and watch the puppets dance.

The style of the show reminds me of the Karen Carpenter Barbie movie which is popular on the bootleg circuit so I commented that on the Bunnula TV YouTube channel and the creator said it was an inspiration. My big idea was to tell a long story in segments then edit them together to make a feature length movie that could do festivals or be donated to Troma. I could also see this show turned into an Adult Swim show. The music choices of guests is strong and I have enjoyed discovering each indie band. Check out Bunnula TV but keep in mind it's not safe for work.

Mormo Zine