• Odell Norman

Brume Pulls Another Marvelous Musical Rabbit Out Of Their Hat.

The Doom Metal heavyweights have struck another beautiful sonic chord with their newest single “LAMENT”. The song weaves the guitar and drums between melodic melodies, which builds into their patented heavy power chords and deep distortion reminiscent of acts like Black Sabbath and Cave In.

The musicianship on this song is incredible as guitarist Jamie McCathie’s building yet subtle increases in tones are gracefully complemented by the rhythmic and heavy drumming of

Jordan Perkins Lewis.

The proverbial icing on this masterpiece is vocalist/bassist Susie McMullan. Susie’s voice, always amazing, eloquently haunting, and yet very emotional matches the deep, tones she is playing on bass. Brume is definitely not afraid to explore different musical realms, which I really appreciate. Please take a listen, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

-Odell Norman (Co-host of Musical Osmosis)