• Odell Norman

Andrew Applepie “2019” Review

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Thank You Google Play!!! A couple of days ago as I was looking for music, I went to the new music section of google play and saw the album cover of a sketched/colored drawing of a man with glasses and a baseball hat on. I stopped stared at the cover for a second

and kept scrolling by something told me to give it a try….I’m so happy that I listened to my conscience.

Andrew Applepie’s new album “2019” is a collection of haunting “Tom Misch” style vocals and extraordinary beats, and musicianship. As his bio states; “The Berlin based artist loves creating songs with everything he gets his hands on. He uses all kinds of instruments,

ranging from familiar choices like guitar and drum machines, to exotic contraptions he picked up while traveling, to all the stuff you would find in a kitchen.” These words are so true and is truly evident on this album.

2019 is filled with some true delights both solo and collaborative. One of the standout tracks is “Catch It” featuring NKLS. NKLS voice over Andrew’s instrumental accompaniment and samples is a true cosmic beauty. Other tracks that I really enjoyed are “Salted Caramel”. “No ID”, “Friday or Future, and “Ode To The Extreme”. Overall this album is a true delight, while keeping you on your “musical” toes. Even though its 2020 I will still go back to 2019!  -Odell Norman (co-host of Musical Osmosis)

For more information on Andrew Applepie: https://andrewapplepie.com/#music