• Saucey

A Spellbinding And Joyous Escape From Troubled Times.

In our often overcrowded content-driven mosaic of varied musical choices there are albums you listen to, albums you sit and break down every melodic tone to dissect the creative acumen of it's artist, and albums you simply rock out to. However, ever once in a while an album comes along that you truly experience. "Under The Spell Of Joy" the latest from the cosmically bewitching- Death Valley Girls, is such an album.

From the moment I pressed play I was memorized by the album's humble and relentless calm but also amazed at the intensity by which this album's musical vortex of seamless sound so easily sucked me in beyond its event horizon and into a visual kaleidoscope of unsettling, yet somehow comforting imagery.

Beyond the searing guitars, haunting vocals and almost translucent drums that hold this work of musical magic together, what truly astounds me about this album is that it expects nothing from the listener. No preconceived notions of what this album claims to be, no applause for an abundance of creative prowess, no pat on the back, let me buy you a beer moment of congratulations on a job well done. NO! Under The Spell of Joy simply exists allowing the listener to quietly exist along with it.

In these turbulent times of Covid-19, Toxic Politics and Social Upheaval- Under The Spell of Joy reminds us all of the deep metaphysical fibers that bind all of us together; if only we have the courage to listen.

*Under The Spell Of Joy" has been Odell Tested, Mormo Approved!

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